A-Test & Consulting Oy

A-Test & Consulting Oy is an expert company specialising in the maintenance, testing, training and audits of repair workshops and equipment.

A-Test & Consulting’s specialists take care of our customers in case of problems related to driving and ensure that the journey continues. Our service centre receives damage reports, provides assistance in case of damage and provides appointment reservation services to our subsidiaries and other stakeholders.

We offer services to repair workshops in all stages of the lifecycle of workshop equipment and develop the service quality and operational efficiency of car repair workshops through workshop testing and training.

We also provide customised testing services to actors in the field, ranging from marketing and sales to repair services. Our services help workshop entrepreneurs develop their processes and the quality of customer service and technical work, thereby improving the profitability and efficiency of their business.

A-Test & Consulting works in close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, importers and other actors in the automobile sector. The company’s revenue was EUR 4.8 million in 2019.