Suvia Group

Suvia Group is a unique combination of vehicle damage inspections and damage repairs as well as the leading Finnish specialist in damage care.

We offer everything that is needed in case of collision, windshield damage, sheet metal damage or other traffic accident. We take over the accident, perform the damage inspection, agree on the compensation and repair the damaged vehicle.

We serve the drivers of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles as well as insurance companies all over Finland. Suvia Group has a network of over 50 repair shops — the largest damage repair shop network in the country.

We repair all brands and models professionally. Effortless handling of vehicle damage is at the core of our performance – we actively create even better practices and renew the operating models of the car sector. Suvia Group’s largest owner is the Finnish private equity investor MB Funds.

Suvia Group in brief

  • 470 specialists in the vehicle sector
  • Over 50 locations forming the largest repair shop network in the country
  • More than 50,000 damage repairs per year
  • Operates in Finland, with headquarters in Helsinki
  • Principal owner MB Funds

Executive committee

Jens Jensen


Janne Aho

Managing Director, SVT

Tiina Hannula

ICT Director

Tommi Vatén

Operational Director, InCar

Jutta Autio

Jutta Autio

HR Manager

Marko Jussila

Managing Director, InCar

Pasi Tolvanen

Commercial Director, InCar

Board of Directors

Juha Tukiainen

Martti Kiuru

Aapo Eskelinen

Mika Engberg

Timo Yli-Salomäki